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Handmade Wooden Cooking Set 18pc

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A set of 18 pcs wooden cooking set for children is an important component of the harmonious development and learning as little ones take their first steps into imaginative, pretend play.

The set can be used for the play kitchen or learning how to use utensils. 

Inspired by Montessori principles, this open-ended toy is beautiful and perfect for amazing imaginative play and exploration.
Features a  100% organic and 100% non-toxic finish. This handmade wooden tea set is 100% manmade, keeping the warmth and energy of natural wood.

Set includes:-

  • 1 x pot with lid diameter 105 mm
  • 1 x pan with a lid diameter 105 mm
  • 1 x cutting board 120х175 mm
  • 1 x rolling pin 160 mm - 1 pcs.
  • 2 x soup spoon
  • 2 x saucer - diameter 80 mm
  • 2 x bowl diameter 60 mm
  • 1 x  spatula
  • 1 x knife 
  • 1 x carrot
  • 1 x onion
  • 1 x beet
  • 1 x bottle with a cap

Material:- Linden and Alder wood.- Natural certified German wax and oil for children's toys (Biofa).

Recommended for Ages 2 years +