Grief & Loss Sprite Snuggler Bundle


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Product Details

The Sprite Bundle helps you start an open conversation on grief and loss with your child. Sprite's story helps them understand that those who are no longer by our side continue to live within our hearts.

This interactive routine supports:

Grief and loss

This Growth Mindset Bundle includes a Sprite Snuggler, a fully illustrated board book, and a keepsake affirmation card.


Sprites are magical creatures that appear in the wake of tragic loss, offering comfort to those who are coping with grief. A reminder of someone special who has passed, Sprite represents the love creatures feel for their lost loved ones. Sprite’s mission in life is to help others navigate the non-linear experience of grief after a loss. By helping creatures understand that their loved ones will always live on through their hearts and memories, Sprite helps to normalise the shift that happens when someone close passes on.

Product Details:

Sprite is made out of the softest ultra-plush and silky fabrics, a soft fur face, and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill.

100% Polyester Material.

Our Sprite measures 12 inches long (including antennas) and 15 inches wide at the wingtips.

We intentionally designed our Slumberkins without any small, detachable plastic pieces.

Skill Building

Designed by a therapist and educator, each collection supports important emotional skills

Highest Certifications

Certified by the highest industry standards for quality testing and fair labour practices

Easy Care

Don’t worry! All of our creatures are machine washable, because messes happen.