Frozen Fun Swim Nappy


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Product Description

Looking for something to stop those embarrassing moments at the pool?

Never worry again with these amazing reusable baby swim nappies.

This Frozen Fun swim nappy has an adorable print of yummy chocolate and vanilla ice creams with a delightfully pink background.

How does it work? Our baby swim nappies have a polyurethane lining acts as a barrier that holds the wee and poo from going into the water while swimming. The drawstring allows the nappy to be fit correctly so there are no leaks. The gathered leg acts as a barrier for leaking out the side.

Flush down the loo what is left in the nappy at the end of swimming and wash in the washing machine for use again next time.

NEVER waste money on disposable swim nappies again!

Our swim nappies also match our sun protective baby and toddler swimwear range! Check out the matching Frozen Fun rashsuit and hat set, or one piece bathers, or swimming cap!

Please note these nappies work best when in the water, they do not work like normal nappies that absorb, please don't use them like a normal nappy, these baby swim nappies are for in water use ONLY.

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