Easy Snug Infant Insert


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Product Description:

Cradle your baby!

Breathable mesh exterior and moisture-wicking knit lining make the NEW Ergobaby Performance Easy Snug Infant Insert the coolest option for your little one.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Infant Insert provides your baby with a gentle transition from womb to world.

Required for carrying your little one from birth until head control has been established (3.2 to 5.5kgs), the Infant Insert comprises two key components – the cushioned outer shell and a removable pillow. Both of these components are used from birth to provide an ideal fetal position and, as baby grows, can be separated to accommodate baby's natural straddle.

The new and improved design is compatible with any Ergobaby Original or 360 Carrier.


Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to support the head and neck of your newborn baby, the New Ergobaby Performance Easy Snug Infant Insert is intuitive and easy to use, with less padding at the back making it cooler for baby.

  • Safe cradle holds your newborn in a cosy, protected environment close to the heart

  • Womb to world transition only carrier system offering natural fetal position

  • Recommended by and developed in consultation with health professionals 

  • Important support for your baby's head, neck and developing spine - now with additional adjustability of the support to suit every stage of baby's development

  • Adaptable fit two-part design grows with your baby from birth to 4-5 months

  • Graduating options use removable pillow without outer shell once baby has head and neck control

  • Snap to secure fasten to the straps of any Ergobaby Carrier for greater security

  • Breastfeed on the go and hands-free once attachment is established

  • Easy care fully machine washable 

  • Cool comfort breathable polyester mesh with moisture-wicking cotton lining


Note: Ergobaby Infant Insert

An Ergobaby Infant Insert  is required for use with all Ergobaby Original and 360 Carriers from birth to 4/5 months or until baby has developed head control. All Ergobaby Infant Inserts are designed to work and fit with any Original or 360 Ergobaby Carrier.