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Product Details

Dessata Hair Brushes are designed to gently untangle hair with vastly reduced tugging and breakage and are effective on all hair types, even dry unconditioned hair!?

  • Perfect for children
  • Gently untangles your hair
  • Safe and suitable for use on all hair types
  • Ideal for hairstylists, ladies, children and men
  • Great for detangling natural or salon coloured hair
  • Cover protects the bristles form damage in the handbag

Made from a special silicone gel Dessata Hair Brushes reduce static electricity and help keep hair tangle and fly-away free.

The Dessata Difference:

Managing tangled hair can be a time consuming task even for adults and worse when it comes to children's bath time or pre-school hair brushing. There are a multitude of reasons why your hair may tangle and it always tends to happen at the most inopportune time. The Dessata Mini hair detangling brush is the perfect partner for all hair tangling problems. The Dessata Mini will help speed up hair detangling and help reduce the discomfort of brushing.

The bristles on your Dessata Hair Brush brush have been manufactured using a special silicone gel resulting in maximum flexibility which helps reduce the pain associated with detangling hair. It is also designed to meet the curvature of your scalp and the palm of your hand making them ergonomically advanced and easy for children and adults to hold whilst being as gentle as possible on the scalp.

The longer your hair the more likely you are to suffer from hair tangles. Also, if your hair has been chemically treated or coloured it is likely to tangle due to the cuticle layer being open and course. Using a good quality conditioner will help fill the tiny gaps in the cuticle layer allowing the hair to move without tangling. Using a Dessata Detangling Hair Brush in conjunction with a good conditioner will help you in your quest for more manageable hair.