Circus Opposites Puzzle

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Product Description:

First puzzles, perfect for toddlers onwards.

High impact graphic illustrations depicting numbers 1-10 as well as all things space.

Watch with wonder as your learner astronaut develops a keen interest in learning his numbers making this a fun, educational game that will have everyone happily learning as they play!!

Includes 20 pieces; 10 x 2 pieces puzzles; each puzzle is a truly over-sized 24 cm x 13cm - making them easy to hold for the smallest of fingers.

Only the correct pieces fit together which is great for encouraging independent play and analytical skills.

Each set will provide hours of delightful play and can be used as either a matching game or puzzle.

This premium gift will make a big impact and with a hinged box as beautiful as it is practical there will be no need to ever search for the missing piece again!