Chop The Carrot Game


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Chop the carrot is a game uniting dexterity and concentration. Using a wooden knife, players should try to remove the lowest piece of carrot without the rest of the carrot, or even another piece, falling out.

Content: 13 pieces of carrot, 1 carrot top and a wooden knife

Age: 5-99

Players: 1


Place 8 piece of the carrot on top of each other, with the carrot top on top. Each player attempts to knock out the bottom piece in one strike using the wooden knife. This continues until only the carrot top remains.
If the stack falls, the correct number of pieces knocked out is counted and the next player proceeds to try. For each round an extra piece is added until all 13 pieces are in play.
The winner is the player that has knocked out the most pieces of carrot.

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