Camden Wool Coat

Roasted Fox

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Look at them all shivering in the cold like that. I'm not going to wait for some boy to offer me his coat, I'm a strong independent woman - I have my own, thank you. Anyway, the boy I like has a toy car up his nose right now. So I'll wear my own coat - just like mum.

Because she knows that boys never grow up.


  • Deep Wine body.
  • Black/Oatmeal stripe lining.
  • Double-breasted for snugness.
  • Coat front can crossover either left or right.
  • High collarto protect necks against the chill.
  • Deep pockets to stuff frozen fingers into.
  • Back foldthat allows for freedom of movement.
  • Extra room for layers underneath.
  • Sleeves can be rolled up for years of wear.
  • Long cut for warm backs and bums.


  • Super-soft wool-blend outer.
  • Soft and comfortable cotton-jersey lining.
  • Wooden buttons.


Note: This is a fantastic coat - buy it big to last 2-3 years.