Betsy Lou

Cheeky Little Fox


Product Description

The Single Betsy Lou Headband features one gorgeous, soft chiffon Betsy flower, embellished with faux pearl with rhinestone accents. The Betsy flower is layered over a matching Lou flower. These are beautifully complimented with a matching soft headband in the size of your choice.

Please note if you have another colour combination in mind, we are happy to discuss custom colour options.


Please note that our headband sizes are based on average head size for age. The average newborn baby in Australia, has a head circumference of 35cm. The headband size should be smaller than actual head size to ensure a firm, but not tight fit and so as not to slip off the head.

The guide below should assist you in selecting your perfect soft headband.

  • Newborn – 2 months (32cm approx)
  • Up to 12 months (38cm approx)
  • 1 to 3 years (40cm approx)
  • 2 years + (42cm approx)
  • 12 years – adult (44cm approx)

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