Magna-Tiles Fundraising for ELC's

Fundraising That Means Something

Are you sick of fundraising offers that seem to make you next to no money, or are you sick of the effort that some activities require?

Or maybe you’d just like a fundraising idea that give both parents and the kinder something useful? I mean, there’s only so many tea towels we all need, right?

As parents who used to be on kinder committees, we get it. We’ve been involved in the struggle to raise funds. We’ve bought tea towels and melamine plates. We’ve bought over-priced books and we’ve worked our butts off to cook sausages.

And we’ve seen how little the kinder gets from it.

Which is why we want to do something different. Something that we know would have been amazing when our kids were at kinder. Something that let’s everyone win.


✔️ Would you like free Magna-Tiles for your kinder?
✔️ Or would you prefer to make 15% from net sales?
✔️ Do you want a fundraising idea that is easy to run?

If so, Hugs for Kids has got you covered.


The Offer


What To Do