Everything You Need & Nothing You Don't For Baby


Hi! My name is Bek Milikins and back in 2012 after 2 beautiful babies, my husband Adam and I opened Hugs for Kids in our local town of Belgrave, in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges of Victoria.

During that time I have had hundreds, if not thousands of pregnant ladies visit me in need of help - sick of visiting the big chain stores who just want to sell, sell, sell to every hormonal, cranky, and scared s**tless pregnant chick that walks in the door.

They are always totally bamboozled and overwhelmed by all of the stuff you "need" for babies.

So after babies of my own and years of experiencing all the trends, fashions and changing advice, here is my take on everything you actually need for your bubba when it arrives, and what’s more important – nothing you don’t.

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With Hugs,