Brand Ambassadors Program



We love our customers and we like to think our customers love us, so really, who better to represent us to the wider world than you - our customers.

Therefore, we have introduced a Brand Ambassador program!

In essence, we will select a new Brand Ambassador every month and send them approximately $200 worth of free Hugs for Kids products. All they then have to do is send us photos of their kids using/wearing those products for us to use on social media as well as share those posts on their own social channels.

Simple, fun and free! The full details of the program are at the bottom of this page. Please read them before signing up.

We're looking forward to having a lot of fun with this!

With Hugs,



How Do You Get Selected?

Every month we will select a new Brand Ambassador for the month.

During the month, you need to post a photo of your kids playing with toys or wearing clothes from Hugs for Kids to Instagram or Facebook that encapsulates the style of Brand Ambassador you would be. Simply tag @hugsforkids so we see it and use the hashtag #pickme so we know you want to be chosen.

We will select someone randomly every month.

If you wish to enter every month, simply post a photo each month!

What Happens Then?

We will contact the lucky winner by private message on the relevant social channel and organise to send them (or have them come in to collect) around $200 worth of Hugs for Kids products.

Products will be chosen depending on what you already have, the ages of your children, what they like and what we are looking to promote in the coming month.

What Does The Brand Ambassador Do?

Within 2 weeks of the Brand Ambassador receiving their products, they need to send Hugs for Kids at least 6 photos of their kids playing with or wearing those products with a short description of the circumstance of the image.

Each photo needs to be unique and different to the others.

Hugs for Kids will then use those photos and descriptions throughout the month on our main social channels Facebook and Instagram.

To keep your details private, we will not tag the Brand Ambassador in our posts nor reveal any personally identifying details except for first names, unless you would like us to do so.

We do however hope that the Brand Ambassador watches for these posts and share them to their own personal social channels as they are posted, but not before we release them.

The images, once received become the property of Hugs for Kids and reserve the right to use them as we wish indefinitely. Your kids might become famous and end up on a billboard on the M1 - woo hoo!!