Wishbone Design

Wishbone Design utterly re-organizes when and how a kid learns to rock, roll and ride.

In a single blow, their bikes and trikes replace multiple products you could have bought, broken and thrown away between the ages of 1 to 5.  The Wishbone Flip has the same philosophy in mind.  The first Wishbone Bike was born out of wanting to give kids a taste of the childhood we parents had. 

Remember those days?  When the grass was long, the air was fresh and the folks weren't always watching?  When we ran where we liked, rode until dark and collapsed smiling at the end of a crazy day?  Bliss.

Wishbone Design’s idea is to design stuff that is so good it changes you, just a tiny bit.

Maybe you get outdoors more, or choose to walk instead of drive.  Maybe you drink more and eat better. Maybe you picnic.  Maybe you play in the mud.  Maybe your toddler entertains themselves for a full half hour, or you finally have a toy that improves your interior design.  You can pass it down through each of your kids, and share it further when they’re done.

Life is out there. Let them live it.