Sophie the Giraffe.  Such a simple thing.  But one that has transfixed and transformed the world.

This little giraffe was born on 25th May in the year 1961.  In those days, the only animal toys available were farm animals and pet figures and that is why Monsieur Rampeau, who was an expert in using rubber as a toy-making concept, came up with the idea of designing a giraffe. 

Such an exotic wildlife figure would be a first on the market, and its size and shape would be ideal for a baby's small hand to grasp.

Sophie was an immediate success.  Young mothers saw that she was a must for their babies because when the first signs of teething appeared, Sophie soothed their tears.  By simple word of mouth, the little giraffe's fame spread.  From then on in Europe, generation upon generation of children have loved hearing Sophie squeak whenever they pressed her tummy or head!

Vulli, a company based in Rumilly, France which is located in the Haute-Savoie region, has continued to keep the highly guarded secret of how this wonder toy is made.  Sophie is still "traditionally" produced to this day and the process involves more than 14 manual operations.

Sophie is made from 100% natural rubber latex derived from the sap of the Hevea tree.  Latex is a natural, elastic and water-resistant material that acts as an insulator and is pleasant to smell and touch.

Come and find out what all the fuss has been about for over 50 years.