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Montessori Rainbow Bead Playset

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This set helps to cultivate logical thinking and spatial thinking ability. Jumbo tweezers reinforce fine motor skills and sorting cards help to provide visual cues to develop colour recognition skills. Can be played with chopsticks, spoon and tong. 

little ones can imagine and make their own creations and bring them out on the board. With 77 colourful balls, there are endless combinations of play. And there are 2 other board options. One is  Ludo and the other is an open-ended board where one can make their own games - Matching beads, your child will develop their visual skills, hand-eye coordination, grasp the concept of balance and start counting faster than an abacus toy.

Includes :- 

  • 77 colourful bead balls,
  • Chopstick,
  • Spoon,
  • Tong,
  • 5 base maps,
  • 1 base (22x22cm)
  • 7 Silicon cups

Ages 3+ . Small parts may present a choking hazard and adult supervision is recommended at all times.