Tiny and I

When Romy's first Little Miss was born, she swapped hospital issue scrubs for a uniform of leggings and hoodies. A couple of years later, after welcoming Tiny into the world, she was desperate to look great again.

By this point though, Little Miss had managed to damage almost every one of her lovely and loved pieces of jewellery! Enter skinny jeans and the idea of on-trend, washable jewellery to achieve an easy low-maintenance chic.

And so Tiny and I was born.

Fast forward 3 years (and another baby) and the addition of a range of fun, family-friendly

This range of soft, non-toxic silicone-bead necklaces affords busy ladies (including Mums) the luxury of stylish accessories. Their necklace beads are made from 100% silicone, are non-toxic and comply with all relevant chemical testing. All beads are washable and fabulously tactile.

They are the perfect beach or resort accessory. All pieces are waterproof, washable and heat-resistant and feature a breakaway clasp for added safety. Tiny and I necklaces are also ideal for wearing while cooking or exercising.

Never compromise fashion for function again.