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Sprinkles Rashsuit and Hat

Size: 000

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Rashoodz Swimwear was designed for busy babies, toddlers and mums that need a sun-safe, no-fuss solution. Whether your little one loves going to the local pool or is more of a beach baby, having the right swimwear that protects their delicate skin from the harsh sun is a must. . Hats often get thrown out of the pram or into the water, and after taking off wet swimwear for a nappy change they’re usually then reluctant to put it back on.

At Rashoodz we’ve addressed the most common concerns mums have about their child’s swimwear with our patented innovative swimwear design, which ensures your baby’s hat stays in place, nappy changes are a breeze, and your child remains protected from damaging UV rays.

  • Attached Legionaire style hat
  • Short Sleeve Suit
  • UPF 50+

85% Polyester 15% Spandex