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Vanilla Hand Crochet Blanket

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Why babies love crochet baby blankets?
Mothers have been wrapping their newborn babies in cloths to make them warm & comfortable for thousands of years. Modern babies are no different. They still love to be wrapped up tightly in a baby blanket to mimic their mother's womb. By choosing to buy a crochet baby blanket, you are choosing the tradition of the old world into the new.

This is a classic that will withstand the test of time. It is that "special" baby blanket that goes in the memory box of your child's life. This baby crochet blanket is versatile. It can be used as a swaddle because it stretches, as a pram blanket, a cot blanket & an all-important security baby blanket.

Crochet Baby Blanket Product Details

  • Designed in the Idyllic region of Byron Bay Australia
  • 90 X 90CM (36 x 36in) / 60% COTTON, 30% MILK FIBER, 10% CASHMERE
  • Hand Wash Recommended

What OB Designs Baby Toys are all about

  • All our products are created with children’s needs being a priority 
  • It is also paramount that all our fabrics are soft and tactile, designed to soothe and comfort.
  • Crochet blankets capture this, being hand-made and from 100% natural materials