Solvej Swings

When you're a kid, life is simple.

It's all about swinging.

And based on that simple premise, Solvej Swings was born.

Solvej founders, Jenny (from New Zealand) and Thomas (from Sweden), met in Western Australia in 1986.  They made their living for a few years by making and selling jewellery inspired by Same craft from northern Scandinavia.  They traveled between Sweden and New Zealand and visited many places on the way.  A few month before their daughter Solvej was born, they settled in rural New Zealand in Jenny's home village of Matiere.  In the rural areas you often have to create your own work and as a cabinetmaker Thomas had a dream of his own workshop.

Inspired by a wooden lazy-boy chair he saw at a potters home in east Thailand, an old self-reclining deck chair in the home of a kakelugnsmakare in Sweden and a deck chair from India, Thomas developed designs for a self-reclining-foldaway-deckchair with a sunshade (and a hanging version of the same).  And so a workshop was set up in a former church.

During a visit to friends however, Jenny and Thomas discovered that Solvej, just a baby at the time, loved swinging.  Not being able to find a swing they liked on the market (most of them being moulded plastic), they made her a canvas baby swing themselves.  This swing turned out to be attractive to other parents too and a decision was made to go in to production.

From those humble beginnings, their idea has grown and grown.  Using only quality timbers, ropes and fixings, Solvej swings are beautiful, durable and safe.

Get your kids outdoors from early on, and they will thank you for it.