Silikids was born in 2006, and is the first mum-founded brand focusing on children’s products made entirely out of silicone and glass.

Silikids combines need-based innovation with the technological advantages of silicone, offering an alternative to plasticware found in the kitchen. The SIlikids focus is to design safe, modern and practical products that offer superior function while being both easy to use and clean.

Stacey is the engine behind Silikids. She is co-founder and business central. A quick conversation with Stacey, and you will understand why it's "Smart to be Sili"! When not going 100 miles an hour, Stacey can be found obsessing over sushi and all things that make a good taco.

Giuliana is also co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Silikids, or better known as the mad scientist! Giuliana's strong design and branding background shines through the Silikids line. She can often be found skinning random objects! Fun fact - her awesome/retro glasses are from the 10th grade!


The Silikids mission is to be the alternative to plastic, bridge the gap between great design and affordability and improve the way we live! A win-win in our book.

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