Seedling believes that every child has great ideas just waiting to be explored.  And so their goal is to create products that inspireyoung minds and allow your children to untap their potential.

Seedling's range of over 250 products centre on providing great tools and materials; the foundation for an experience to remember.

And that's what Seedling kits are; not a "paint by numbers" procedure but an open-ended adventure that encourages imagination, question-asking and creative engagement.

Founded in 2006 by mother of two Phoebe Hayman, Seedling came about after Phoebe simply struggled to find gifts for her children.  Seeing regular toys discarded after minimal interaction she wondered what it was that these toys were missing.  

The answer, her children's input.

Phoebe discovered, as we have at Hugs for Kids, that most modern toys are designed to simply to be played with in a very narrow context.  As we all know, children do not have a narrow context.  And so Seedling was created to allow families to enjoy quality time together exploring arts, crafts, sciences and the outdoors without parents having to spend time sourcing the right materials.

Seedlings require care, nurturing and the right conditions to grow strong.  So do your kids.

Grow them right.

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