Rory’s Story Cubes originated as a creative problem solving tool for adults, way back in 2004. Rory was a creativity trainer and coach, working with individuals and organisations to look at problems in different ways. The idea was conceived using an invention technique called ‘Advanced Civilisation’ (by Win Wenger).

Rory realised that the idea came from a combination of a book he was reading, ‘Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind’ and a course he was taking in ‘Guided Self-Healing’.

As the brain thinks in pictures but communicates in words, having a visual aid to creative problem solving is incredibly advantageous. Using images to trigger stories helps the brain to think in new ways. 

When a fellow trainer’s daughter said she brought a prototype into school and the teacher used it to practise creative writing, Rory knew there was something more to this. And when a colleague reported three generations laughing and telling stories together for two hours on a rainy day, he knew he had to take it further. 

The rest is history...