Roasted Fox Spring/Summer 2018

The new Roasted Fox Spring/Summer 2018 collection is here and this time the range is even bigger!

If there is a place on Earth we love as much as Australia, it's Vanuatu - our second home. Sure we love the sun, the beaches, the French food, the simple life and living on Island Time, but what we really love above all of that all is the people.

The Ni-Vanuatu are the kindest, most loving, family oriented people we have ever met. They have so little, but they make the most of what they do have and like us, their family is their everything.

This collection is inspired by the people of Vanuatu - the colours and textures represent their smiles, their laughter, their homes and their islands and each piece is named after someone with whom formed have forged a special bond. 

And it's still all made right here in Australia.