Rainbows and Clover

Rainbows and Clover embodies an innovative design and originality that breathes practicality and durability.

The brand is a collection of fresh and timeless products, that are designed with love by the owners. It's also about a vibe; a positive attitude and a picnic lifestyle. It is about loving families and great friends, sunny days at the beach and cuddles with your littles.

As the owners say, "Our sweet bundle of loveliness joined us in March 2003, and being born on St Patricks Day - we named her Clover. What a glorious journey it's been, when two became 3! And not just for us, but also for our parents. Watching them enter the world of grandparenting and the relationship that continues to grow and bloom has been simply beautiful. I feel like my new life began the day I became a mum. Things that fascinate me now, wouldn't have had a look-in in my pre-parenting days. Now I'm all about time. Making time. Cherishing time. Trying to slow time. Rushing against time. Juggling time. Organising time. Loving precious moments in time. One thing I know for sure, that my mum told me, and her mum told her - is the older that I get, the faster time goes by. I'm learning to embrace the crazy moments, and treasure them all."

The Rainbows and Clover mission statement is Live Simply, with Love, Fun and Laughter. They work hard to make sure their products are not only practical, but beautiful, hard-wearing, and fun at the same time.

And like Hugs for Kids, they like the old-fashioned, time-honoured ethos of making practical products that are built to last. They’re ethically produced, sustainable, and will contribute to your lives in a positive way.

Rainbows and Clover will help you smile, and even laugh out loud. Come on the adventure ... they're more than merely classic toys and kooky finds. They're also about the journey.