Puddle Jumpers

The Puddle Jumpers range of outdoor clothing was developed because of the need for quality, affordable, stylish children’s weather proof clothing. All families want their kids to enjoy the outdoors and want to keep them warm, dry and comfortable so Puddle Jumpers was born.

Puddle Jumpers is a family business based in Marlborough, New Zealand. Their products are all designed, developed and tested right there in NZ the founders own two boys. Puddle Jumpers gear has been around a while and is proven - the oldest pair of Original Overalls they know still in use are on their 7th child!

Some would say this does them out of sales but as parents, they WANT their gear to last for your family and when it lasts and does what you expect we know you'll tell people about Puddle Jumpers.

Puddle Jumpers specialise in outdoor clothing, no deviations... this is what they know and what they love!

Go jump in puddles.