Plan Toys

For more than 30 years, Plan Toys has been consistently developing its products and activities with a strong commitment to contributing positively to the world.

Plan Toys is aware of the potential in the design of toys, and has proven that it is possible to maintain superior quality and safety standards.

From the best-practice and beyond with innovation and creativity in toy process and design, Plan Toys is not only well-known as the first company in the world to manufacture wooden toys from preservative-free rubberwood, it is one of the leading company to create new material and process to minimize waste up to zero. 

Plan Toys recognises the importance of promoting good quality of life, balanced with the concern for the outdoors.  As an environmentally and socially responsible private enterprise, they are proudly committed to their philosophy; minimising their impact and giving back to nature and the people in the society.  Sustainable Play is the foundation of how their toys cultivate creative minds and bring children closer to nature.  Our children will grow up with knowledge and appreciation to respect and to preserve natural resources for the future generation knowing that they can make the world a better place. 

Play shouldn't be planned.  But a sustainable future should.

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