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Games Room Playing Cards

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Play your cards right.

Play to test memory, to win money or to pass time. Play with friends, enemies or strangers. Play by yourself, against many or as a team. Play around the world, adapting the game and bending the rules. Invent new tactics that will fox your opponents or abide by the rules many years old. Snap, Patience, Rummy or Poker; however you play, play well.

This playing card set includes two decks of patterned cards and instructions. Beautifully packaged in a graphic fold-out Games Room box.


  • 2 x decks high quality playing cards
  • Instructions for solitaire, whist, rummy, pontoon
Did you know? There is wide-ranging debate as to whom the court cards represent, the Queen of Hearts is thought to be a representation of Elizabeth of York, the King of Diamonds, Julius Caesar, the King of Clubs, Alexander the Great and the King of Spades the biblical David.