No matter where you wander... everything’s in place.

Welcome to the award-winning PacaPod 3 in 1 baby organising system.

PacaPod is the only baby changing bag on the market with the clever 3 in1 organisation system; it clips onto your pram, works as a designer baby bag, cool bag, mini changing bag and changing mat all rolled into one.

Jacqueline Waggett, creator of PacaPod, is a clothing designer and mum of two small girls and drew on her own experiences to design the unique 3-in-1 baby bag.  

"As a mum when I need something I want to reach it quickly, easily and with a degree of confidence. That may sound pretty obvious but how many times have you rooted around a bag looking for the elusive wipes or a nappy bag only to be confronted with a half eaten sandwich, Flopsy bunny and handful of raisins? Life’s busy enough with the kids and when everything’s in place it means that we as a family are free to go and do the things we want."

Having spent fifteen years designing outdoor clothing, which had to be comfortable and practical even in extreme weather conditions, Jacqueline took time cycling around the world with all her possessions stored in two bicycle carriers.  As you can imagine, her eye for design – combined with the tips she learned for travelling light and being organised – came in handy when she came to realise that there was a gap in the market for great-looking and practical baby bags.

And so the PacaPod was born - and your life will never be the same...