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$20 Mystery Pack

Colour: Girl
Size: 000

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Never before offered online, the Hugs for Kids Mystery Packs are well known within our local communities for their amazing value and always satisfying clothing contents.

And don't worry, whatever you get is going to be good - it's all pieces from our normal Hugs for Kids ranges! No seconds or samples, they are all brand new and amazing, just last season or the last size of a style.

Each pack is only $20 but contains between $40 - $60 worth of tran-seasonal clothing (sometimes more).

If you need to know they're the real deal, listen to this:


"These are just the best ever! Bought 3 and it was like Xmas opening them! Best value for money, very generous items."

- Katherine M


Need to get a baby shower, birth or birthday gift but don't know what to get? Or don't want to spend the earth but want something fabulous? Just grab one of our mystery gifts - no thinking, no procrastinating, no worrying - just select the appropriate Size and Sex and you're good to go.

$20 for between $40 - $60  value. Get your surprise parcels before they’re gone again!! 

Please Note: if you order two of the same pack, we cannot guarantee that you won't end up with some of the same items in each. We no longer know what's in them.

No Returns. No Exchanges.