Noc Noc

Welcome to Noc Noc - Bespoke Wooden Toys.

Located in Lennox Head, Noc Noc was founded by Heather, a mother of two with a passion to source hand-crafted, original wooden toys from artisans around the globe, and make them accessible for you and your children to enjoy.

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit the Lennox Head region, you will know about the mindful nature of the people who choose to live there as a community that strives to support, protect and promote the ideals of ecological responsibility, sustainability and social fairness.

Noc Noc hand picks toys that look stunning, are beautiful to hold, are non-toxic, durable and most importantly, are made with love and their aim is to ensure that you experience their passion for quality at fair prices.

Noc Noc - it's not a joke.