Muddlarks is a Melbourne based children’s waterproof clothing label that specialises in Australian designed, lightweight and compact children’s waterproofs. 

Children love to explore. Children love to create. Children love to play. And let's face it, they just LOVE to get dirty doing it.

Thankfully, Muddlarks are committed to creating stylish, quality children’s waterproof clothing for active kids who love having fun in the great outdoors. Their easy-care range of children’s waterproofs is durable and perfect for protecting kids against wind, rain, mud, paint and other unmentionables. And their garments are made to last, to be shared and handed down. What more could a parent want?

With a wide range of styles siuch as jackets, pants, all-in-ones, bib’n’brace overalls, smocks and crawler pants the Muddlarks range has something for everyone. Made to fit comfortably and easily over your child’s everyday winter clothes and easy to get on and off, Muddlarks are designed to be taken off at the door so mud is not spread through the house.

So get them outdoors, on a bike, at a picnic, cleanly crafting, or just exploring the world.

Let them live.

But let's not ruin their clothes while they're at it.

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