Timber is timeless. As is good design. Together, they are Moover.

Moover Toys from Denmark are classic wooden toys that appeal to children simply because of their versatility. They can push them or ride them. They can transport Teddy or Dolly. And they can pull them apart and re-construct them over and over.

The philosophy behind Moover Toys is this: keep it simple, keep it quality and keep it long lasting. The result is a series of wonderful designs suitable for children from 6 months to 5 years old. The simple retro look and no plastic components make Moover Toys family heirloom pieces that will last for generations.

Moover Toys pays close attention to quality and safety and each product has individual design features to make it the best in its class. And all the ride-on toys are made from high-quality plantation plywood with only non-toxic paints and lacquers used.

Most of the Moover Toys are flat packed for easy shipping and storage, and are easy to assemble. No tools are required, instead an ingenious "click system" developed by Moover Toys is used and the toys are quickly ready for action. The "click" system also encourages the development of fine motor skills as the children can be part of the construction and later can disassemple and rebuild the toys unassisted.

With a range of prams, trucks and wagons to delight any child, Moover is the best of your childhood re-booted for theirs.

Give them well-worn but still working classics to pass down to their kids.

Start a legacy.