Mizzle presents a wonderful range of baby nighties, blankets, hats, rompers and of course, the now-famous Mizzle Mouse.

WIth such a full range in Mizzles distinctive colourings and beautiful designs, this is a must-have brand addition to any wardrobe.

After becoming parents for the first time in 2009, Mizzle owners Bec and Nick realised just how easy it was to become totally consumed with the impending arrival of a new little person and get totally carried away with the list of must haves!  They also found that lots of the items that appealed to their taste were not only high-quality but had matching high price tags.  At the time they were running a retail store in Hobart but sensing an opportunity, they sold that and embarked upon the set up of Mizzle.

Using Bec's background in financial planning and their personal experience as a starting point, they talked to lots of people about what things they couldn't live without and the good and bad points of the many products on offer.  Then, the week Spencer turned 1, Bec and Nick packed their bags and headed overseas on a buying trip.  Looking at factories and show rooms, they found the standards varied greatly but eventually narrowed it down to two options that met both the quality of goods they were looking for while providing a comfortable and happy work environment.

Returning home to Hobart, the family worked on their designs and colour selections, eventually finalising the range and ordering their first consignment.  In late 2010 Mizzle launched its first range for Summer.

Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength with the range growing every season.

Comfortable.  Practical.  Beautiful..