Milestone Press

Before you become a parent, you cannot imagine how many memories are going to be created each and every day.

And once you are a parent, it is hard to keep up with them as they happen.  Thankfully, Milestone Press makes keeping memories easy.

Founded in 2005 by Annabel Cornfoot, Milestone Press specialises in recording the past with their wonderful stationery collection of diaries and journals customised to suit particular stages and times of our journey.  School Days, Christmas and more, Milestone Press makes it easy for you to capture they key moments in your child's life and present them in a way that will make you want to revisit them time and time again.

As a mother with young children herself, Annabel's aim to always make sure her products are functional as well as beautiful and inspiring. And her aim is true.

Moments are fleeting. 

Capture them forever.