Micky & Stevie

When it comes to beautiful, unique decor for your childs room, no-one does it better than the amazing Mickey & Stevie.

Whether you are after lamps, clocks or soft toys with a difference, Mickey & Stevie does it all and does it with style.

Offering a host of fresh, original designs, Micky & Stevie takes creativity to a new level.  Their range of floor and table lamps will help you see any space in a new light as the subtle art of shadow and the beauty of timber brings these beautiful designs to life.

And their collection of funky, adorable clocks will make passing the time a guilty pleasure.

Micky and Stevie sits comfortably in the Hugs for Kids range because they have assembled a range of products that are as unusual as they are beautiful.

From the whimsical to the seriously sublime, see the lighter side of life the way Micky & Stevie does.