Little Mashies

The concept for Little Mashies is for parents to be able to cook healthy meals and feed them to their kids in a handy on-the-go pouch that the kids will actually want to eat from!

The Little Mashies story begins in 2010 when founder Talishawas diagnosed with a severe illness. With a restricted diet, she started trying baby food pouches as a convenient way to eat while out and couldn’t cook her own food.  As a result she researched the contents of what went in the pouches, how fresh the food was, the nutritional value, and the amount of protein that she was getting.

What Talisha found was astonishing.  Even organic and seemingly healthy baby food pouches were always filled with mostly  sugary fruit, or sweet vegetables like pumpkin and sweet potato.  Rarely was the meat content above 10%.  Every single yogurt pouch (even the organic ones) had added sugar, and there was absolutely no guarantee that the food in the pouches was even fresh.  As we all know the longer a food is stored before eating, the less minerals and vitamins it has in it.  They also use high temperatures to preserve the contents and that process decreases the nutritional value too!

So she stopped eating the pouches, and instead froze her home made pureed food in ziplock bags.

One day Talisha was pouring her puree out of a ziplock bag, when she saw a supermarket pouch and the solution to combine the two hit her like a cartoon light bulb moment.

And so Little Mashies was born.

Packaged food has never been so good.

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