Lima Bean

Babies dribble and babies poo. As cute as they are, there's no denying these basic, messy facts.

And so some items such as change mats and dribble bibs become necessary accessories in the parental armory. It's just a pity that so many sacrifice style for functionality.

Not any more.

Lima Bean brings you a range of Change Mats and Bandanna Bibs that will change the way you view the world. Mats that are small, functional AND beautiful and dribble bibs disguised as bandanas in a huge variety of designs.

Simple genius.

Lima Bean is the creation of two Melbourne sisters, Rachel Sharrock and Emma Hindhaugh, who were looking for that perfectly impossible balance between raising young children at home and finding an outlet for imaginative, organisational and negotiation skills that didn't involve Play-Doh sculptures or breaking up wrestling matches.

Between them, Rachel and Emma have six boys and definitely know a lot about the business of changing nappies - from lovely little newborns to squirming, screaming toddlers. With her first baby, Rachel lived in San Francisco for two years. While there, she used a very basic compact change kit that was indispensable for nappy changes in the park, at friends homes or even in the boot of the car. However on returning to Australia she just couldn't find anything as compact and so was planted the seed for the ChangeMate.

Remaining true to their focus on functionality without sacrificing style, Lima Bean then added the Bandanna Bib to their range - perfect for dribblers and stylish enough to be worn all day.

Lima Bean - Now you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality.