Li'l Zippers

Let's face it, fidgety, squirmy babies make nappy changing a chore, especially when you're half asleep.

But thanks to Li'l Zippers, that awful battle against flailing legs and stubborn press-studs is the stuff of nightmares no more.  Developed by Lisa, an Aussie mum, Li'l Zippers are a simple but brilliant zipper alternative to press-stud fixings on baby growsuits.

"Let me paint you a picture that most new parents recognise.  I find myself at three in the morning with my 12 week-old son Jacob.  Trying to change his nappy when I was half asleep was a nightmare.  He would either be crying or wriggling his arms and legs as if he was running a marathon.  My mission was to change him as quickly as possible.  It was an effort when it came to dressing him in the baby growsuits or rompers.  One fastener would always be left on its own, like it was lost and couldn't find its way home.  I could never figure out the Kimono suits either. Some zip growsuits on the market I found were ok to use, but removing the legs was not that easy.  Zips placed on one side of the growsuit only made it difficult and fiddly to remove my baby's leg.  Wasn't there something out there that was quick and easy?"

There wasn't. 

The light bulb moment came when Lisa thought, "Why can't there be a zip directly in the middle? The zip should run up the baby's bottom!  Then you could remove your baby's legs without too much trouble and dress them up quick with little fuss."  So Li'l Zippers was born.  And not only are they easy, they're also fun.  Bright and colourful growsuits that are comfortable and hassle-free.

Live the 3am dream, not the nightmare.