Horrible Science

Enter the world of Science & Discovery!

The perfect port of call for older inquisitive minds, Horrible Science is brimming with experiments, science kits and all things ‘discovery’. Choose from the truly horrible to the really rotten; they have heaps of fun ways for adventurers to learn foul facts. Mix up a storm with our chemical experiments or cast a spell with your very own potions. And for those more interested in construction than destruction, they have some epic kits to build, such as the all time favourite Mega Marble Run.

Based on the best selling books by Nick Arnold, the Horrible Science Kits are all about discovery in loads of horribly fantastic ways. Make learning fun - from checking out microscopic monsters to messing with squelchy slime, they have fantastically fun chemistry and biology experiments that'll help children to learn foul facts. With these science kits, kids can try their hand at weird and wonderful experiments, discover nasty nature, learn about volcanoes and worm hotels, create their own chemical chaos and get to grips with bulging brains and eerie eyeballs.

And let's not forget that construction (followed closely by destruction!) is a classic childhood pleasure and a stimulating way for kids of all ages to learn. Moving on from building blocks, the range of construction toys will have children spending hours of fun designing cool and speedy marble runs or getting geometric by building interesting shapes and models with straws and octons. Let little hands bend and build imaginative creatures and creations with our reusable bendy wax sticks, or try our unique JAWbones Buildable Art System which lets you swivel, ratchet and snap together the pieces for limitless possibilities!

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