The company name Hevea is from the Latin name for the rubber tree,Hevea Brasiliensis.

The natural rubber this tree produces is the foundation of their product range and by using natural rubber, rather than synthetic rubber made from oil, Hevea is acting against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.

Natural rubber is both biodegradable and sustainable and has the ability to be broken down physically and/or chemically by microorganisms – usually only requiring exposure to sunlight, air and moisture.

So Hevea is good for the planet. But what about your kids?

Their bath toys, toys and teethers all comply with safety regulations EN 71, AUS/NZ ISO, and ASTM and natural ruber is super safe for little mouths. And their bath toys have no holes which means no retained water to go mouldy and grow toxins.

Pretty good, huh?

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