Hermosa Co.

The Hermosa Co is owned by Lydia Latta, a mum who has a passion for creating products and treatments to support expectant and new mums. As a mum of two, she is experienced in the process of pregnancy and postpartum life, and the products she creates reflect that.

The creation of The Hermosa Co line of products was the next step after the success of Lydia’s Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage Clinic in Torquay, Australia. This is a beautiful space solely dedicated to massage and facial treatments for mums during pregnancy and postpartum. Besides the need to take care of herself and her babies, Lydia was inspired through spending her days working and talking with mums and seeing firsthand their alignments and desires. This extensive hands on experience is the driving force for all The Hermosa Co products. The products are Australian-made, and Lydia controls the quality of each and every product herself.

Lydia has extensive experience in day spa treatments and has worked with lots of skincare ranges. You can rest assured that the products from The Hermosa Co are of a high quality and rich in all the necessary ingredients to make you look and feel amazing.

All Hermosa Co products are made from high quality, rich ingredients designed to pamper, heal and nourish expectant and new mums. Lots of resources have gone into the brand to ensure that the final products they offer to you are gentle and effective.

Some of the natural products they use are pure extracts, minerals and essential oils that naturally help pregnant and postpartum mums feel good. Some of the ingredients they use are magnesium, chamomile, comfrey, Acai oil, rose hip oil and more.

Hermosa Co choose ingredients based on their ability to moisturize, heal, refresh and rejuvenate.