Green Hat

Green Hat Workshop believes in a life of playful experimentation and constant engagement with the elements of our world.

They are dedicated to providing amazing products that foster lifelong learning and challenge creativity across all ages.

Green Hat Workshop was founded by Cameron Lee whilst working in a school in Melbourne’s East and is dedicated to the promotion of creative, open ended thinking and problem solving skills.

“I had been lucky enough to specialise for several years as a science, technology and woodwork teacher.  My last class had used parquetry flooring to make towers and I had harnessed these ideas into a series of technology tasks and been turned on to Plank builders by an interested parent.  The school and I parted ways at this time and I found myself with a swag of opinions about play based, authentic learning, the purpose of education and a desire to work with kids.  I created Green Hat Workshop to encourage creativity and developed PLANKS as the premier product line.”

PLANKS are dynamic, wooden, technical building blocks designed to inspire creative minds. Identical in size and shape, cut precisely from 100% farmed pine and individually finished for consistent quality, PLANKS are specifically proportioned to allow exploration of design, engineering and gravity in order to build almost anything you can imagine.

So why the Green Hat?  Edward de Bono introduced the idea of Six Thinking Hats, where each hat has a different meaning and is used to explore different areas of thinking.  The Green Hat is for creativity, where participants are encouraged to use provocation and investigation to see where a thought goes.  Green Hat Workshop strongly believes in providing children with enjoyable resources that foster the growth and development of open ended Green Hat thinking.

Inspire, challenge and educate your kids so that they may grow.