French Soda

French Soda believes that the weather shouldn’t get in the way of children living life and having fun. French Soda was established in 2013 in Melbourne for children aged 1-10 years of age producing high quality raincoats and gumboots.

Their products are urban and practical and functional for every day outdoor weather and proven to be of the highest quality of outerwear for children. Designed in Australia, French Soda combine the three important aspects of colour, style and functionality so that your little ones don't only look good but are protected from the outdoor environment.

All of their products are tested, trusted and run with Australian size standards. French Soda believe products should be made to last and they are passionate about ethics in business and fair-trade and about selling a product that has brought benefit along the whole supply chain.

French Soda believe that no matter what the weather, your little ones deserve to be comfortable, warm and dry.