Painting. Kids love it. And we love that they love it.

But the clean up? A nightmare of crusty paint containers, spills, painty sinks and water everywhere.

But Flexapots make all of that a thing of the past. 

Flexapots are simple but ingenious silicone paint pots and activity mats that make craft-time clean up a breeze. Just wait for the paint to dry, flex the pot and peel the paint away. And Flexapots can be used with all types of paints and most art and craft glues.

Developed by father of two Rob, this range of products stemmed from an idea he had when working as an engineer and grew somewhat while he looked after his first baby, Sophie. Like many kids, Sophie was a keen little painter but Rob found that he avoided setting up her painting activities as the cleaning up was always so overwhelming. So he took an idea for an easy clean range of products and worked on developing the children’s paint pot. A little while later, the Flexapots range became a reality!

Sophie loves her little set of pots, and Rob loves the fact that cleaning up is now easy. He can just wait for the paint to dry, then flex and peel it away. And all at a time that suits him, not when he's trying to set up or supervise Sophie’s next activity.

Dry. Flex. Peel.

It's that easy.