There are only few materials which offer as wide a variety for creative expression as FIMO does. For one, working with FIMO is easy to learn – first results are quickly achieved almost in no time.

FIMO was first a plastic modeling compound brought to the attention of German doll maker Käthe Kruse in the late 1930's as a possible replacement for plastic compounds that were scarce from war privation.

It was not suitable however for her doll factory use, so she turned it over to her daughter Sophie as a modelling product. Sophie was known in the family as "Fifi" and hence FIMO = FIfi's MOdeling. The brand was later sold to Eberhard Faber and is marketed under the name "FIMO".

FIMO allows you to create almost anything: jewellery or accessories, picture frames or decorations, dolls and figures, flowers and sculptures – everything is possible. The vast range of FIMO colours and the unique texture make it possible to imitate other materials in a remarkably convincing way such as wood, stone, glass and many others.

FIMO - 50 years and counting...

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