Fertile Mind

Fertile Mind certainly had a unique start.

Founder Christine Kininmonth had a simple invention - a bellybelt kit that turned jeans and pants into maternity wear - which she wanted to launch onto the market.

However, with very little money to launch such an enterprise, she did the only thing she could think of - she put herbeloved, fairly-new car up for sale. Luckily, someone was keen -and a man turned up with his mother to look at the car.

But instead of buying the Volkswagen, he bought half the business!

And that's how Christine met Peter Hooker, and they are still the co-owners of Fertile Mind all these years later.

At first Fertile Mind was a part time enterprise run from Christine's garage. Peter brought business skills from his time as an equities analyst, and she brought LOTS of experience in the pregnancy sector.

As bellybelt grew in popularity around the world, they welcomed a growing and wonderful staff of mostly working mums, who still do a great job of fitting in work between school holidays, sick children and athletics carnivals.

When they can all get together, they have fun looking at new products and sharing parenting advice, laughs and tears, and chocolate. They began in maternity accessories, but other mothers have shown them great breastfeeding and baby products so Fertile Mind has expanded to include a quality selection of the best.

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