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Children's Cutlery that Reduces Mess

Less fuss. Less drama.

Less food on the ceiling.

You know the story. Cutlery battled with and then discarded through frustration. Food eaten with hands, spread as far as the eye can see. Your hungry little person refusing help despite not managing to get more than half a carrot into their mouths. Then there's you (probably with patience waning) desperately trying to manage operation clear up while keeping an eye on what actually goes in their mouths vs. over the table, the walls, the floor and possibly even the dog.
If that sounds familiar, you're certainly not alone.

But lets be fair, why do we assume children should be able to use mini versions of cutlery that have been designed and created for adults? Well, after a lot of research, we don't. And we can confidently say it's really not the children that are at fault, but the tools we give them.


  • High quality BPA and Phthalate free materials

  • Certified to standard EN 14372

  • Suitable for 12 months+

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Long lasting - say goodbye to broken, useless cutlery, Doddl will support your child until they are ready to use adult cutlery.

  • Aids transition to adult cutlery


  • Handle sits comfortably within your child's hand

  • Much easier to grip and control than standard children's cutlery

  • Soft-touch areas enable correct finger placement


  • Encourages pincer grip, which is an important development milestone

  • Fork prongs are functionally sharp, but certified safe

  • Handle easily rotates in your child's hand, so they can switch between scooping and stabbing


  • Unique and functional design

  • Supports your child's hand and wrist whilst cutting through food

  • Blade of the knife is effective at safely cutting food but not your child.


How Doddl cutlery is different: