If you have long hair, then you know the pain of brushing. And if your child has long hair then you know the pain of brushing twice over.

It's not fun. It hurts. And it damages your hair.

Well, it did. But no more.

Thanks to Dessata. 

Dessata’s innovative 440 triple length bristles bend when the tension on the hair increases excessively allowing Dessata hair detangling brushes to glide effortlessly through wet or dry hair without pulling. This makes them perfect for young children because reduced tension means no more tears or tantrums. And creative colour combinations make Dessata brushes cool for kids!

You can use Dessata brushes on all hair types including thick, fine, brittle and curly hair and their special gel bristles do not cause static so keeps hair soft and shiny with no fly-away static.

No more tears. No more tantrums. No more wild wanes.

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