Delight Decor

Searching for the perfect gift?  You've found it!

Delight Decor specialises in lighting up your life.

And in the coolest way possible.

Delight Decor is all about babies and children's nightlights and illuminated mobiles.  And with something to suit all tastes and styles, these fabulous lights make a perfectly unique gift for any room.

Made from thick acrylic, the range is safe for your child as they will never shatter or smash (as tested to CE and Australian standards) and by using LED's, there is no heat emitted thereby eliminating fire-dangers.  LED's are also extremely gentle on young eyes.

This lighting collection features multi-colour changing LED’s which are both relaxing for sleep times yet gently stimulating for wake times, not to mention a fantastic introduction to vibrant colours.  And the designs?  Amazing.

Delight Decor brings you nightlights and mobiles that are more than just that - they are art.

Let the dark become their friend.