Danielle Wright


Danielle Wright never considered herself an author.

Now that might sound funny coming from someone who studied journalism, but it’s true.

And yet there she was, hit over the head by a divine bolt of lightning from the Universe: an idea had taken hold. A book had chosen her. And it refused to let go.

That book was Sleepy Magic, and it’s sparked a massive journey of self-discovery, self-worth, and some kick-ass lemonade making. But before we dive into all of that, let me tell you how I got here…

After finishing university in the US, Danielle fell into a successful advertising career. She loved this exciting new world – the hustle, the energy, the creative process – and threw herself into it with gusto. But she still, I knew it wasn't her ‘calling’; she knew she needed to pursue something deeper. Feeling pulled by the sunshine and the sea, she decided to pack up and leave the US for Sydney. Good move, it turned out – it was there that she met her love, got hitched, and welcomed two beautiful boys into the world. She then started a boutique advertising agency. After twelve successful years the business ended. And finally, out of the ashes she found her passion – not only for art and writing, but for life.

This mid-life awakening led to deep self-exploration. Never one to do things by halves, Danielle dived head (and heart) first into yoga, meditation, energy work, art classes, nutrition, writing workshops… basically anything that helped her express her essence and connect with her truth.

She found herself living a more loving, joyful, calm, forgiving, and mindful life. And it was through this journey of transition that Sleepy Magic was born.

Danielle wanted to share all these amazing new tools and insights she'd discovered with her children. It started with fusing a few ideas together one bedtime, just to see if the kids would respond. They did, completely – body, mind and soul.

This little experiment soon became an integral part of their family night-time routine, and was having flow-on effects in all different areas of their lives and before she knew it, it had taken on a life of its own.

Danielle felt compelled to share her experience with like-minded parents, so that they too could create their own special ritual with their children; the idea for the book took hold, and after six months of writing, caffeine, and early mornings, it lay finished in front of her.

So that’s her – accidental author, passionate creative and mama who just wants the best for her boys.